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Virtual Clinical Trials

Mimicking the behavior of medications in the body

Streamlining the path from lab to patient, enabling faster access to crucial medications and promoting better health outcomes worldwide.

Predicting the Outcome of Clinical Trials

Mimi-Q is revolutionizing drug development with an innovative platform that accelerates the process and slashes costs by over 80%. By predicting clinical trial outcomes through virtual patient modeling and adaptive in vitro testing, our technology significantly reduces development timelines and improves success rates.


Virtual Patient Generator

  • Our proprietary software enables describing drug behavior in human populations, while including diverse patient characteristics 

Wet Lab Disease Response Model

  • Our patented technology is developed to generate data on response after the drug administration

Virtual Clinical Trial Simulator 

  • Mimi-Q has developed an innovative platform that seamlessly bundles data from diverse sources, that predicts the results for any possible scenario

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It's a game-changer in cancer studies, accelerating progress and opening new avenues for breakthroughs.

Prof. Dr. Udo Schumacher

Professor of Anatomy,

Department of Medicine,

Medical School Berlin

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